Kris Haggblom Photography

What do you see?

I want to start with a little question about photography – you know – what's the difference between a picture and a photograph? I'm not talking about looking here, but about making. What causes me to invest the time to get it on the wall? What makes a photo sing?
We make a lot of decisions as we approach our subject. But, before you start figuring focal length, framing, aperture, shutter speed, et cetera … what drew you to the subject to begin with? What drew your eye to the particular scene and eventually to apply pressure to that little trigger? No matter what you say, the answer is light.
Now I'm not saying that photography is just about the light. But, without the light, there is no photography. It is our raw material. As such, we spend a great deal of time figuring out how to control it. Our toolkit includes meters to quantify light, and flash, reflectors, studio lights, and all types of attachments and gadgets to help us get the light we want in order to make our photos say what we want them to say.
The camera is one of those tools, a brush for painting with light. It is a machine and it is blind. The trick is learning to see and using your tools to express your vision. I have been photographing for over three decades and still find joy exploring the interplay of light and shadow. I also suffer from an insatiable curiosity about our world. It helps to keep things interesting.
I hope you enjoy my images as much as I do making them.

Some recent recognition:
Three 1st Place awards and one 2nd Place at the 2014 Saint Lucie County (Florida) Fair; two 3rd Place 2015
Best of Show, three 1st Place and one 3rd Place -- (Florida State Parks) Savannas Preserve Photo Contest 2014; 3rd Place 2015
Two acceptances to the A.E. Backus Museum juried exhibition “The Eye of the Camera” 2014; one acceptance 2015; one acceptance 2016
2nd Place Psylodelic Gallery national competition 2015
Five acceptances to the juried exhibition “From the Heart” 2014

member Treasure Coast Photography Center, Inc.

some of my other attempts at art are available through the following channels (click on the images for more info - you will be redirected to the corresponding site)
broken time machine poetry and photography ebook
dawn of a new age poetry and images ebook
Features of Our Hacked Lagoon a rant (featuring art) about the state of the Indian River Lagoon
Have You Preyed Today? a rant (featuring art) about religion, guns and media
light trace glass trap There are still a few copies of this signed limited edition collection of my abstract photography left. Wonderfully printed by SpiNDec Press in 2015, the hardcover book features 29 non-representational photographs printed on one side on heavy paper. If you are interested in purchasing one, please contact me for pricing and shipping options.